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Commissioner Manfred Denies Reinstatement for Rose


By Paul Hagen / | December 14th, 2015

Pete Rose, who was given a lifetime ban for betting on baseball, will not be reinstated and will continue to be banned from working in baseball, Commissioner Rob Manfred announced Monday.

“Mr. Rose has not presented credible evidence of a reconfigured life either by an honest acceptance by him of his wrongdoing, so clearly established by the Dowd Report, or by a rigorous, self-aware and sustained program of avoidance by him of the circumstances that led to his permanent eligibility in 1989. Absent such credible evidence, allowing him to work in the game presents an unacceptable risk of a future violation by him of Rule 21, and thus to the integrity of our sport,” Manfred wrote.

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Major League Baseball Issues New Safety Netting Recommendations

By Craig Calcaterra/ NBC Sports

NASHVILLE — Major League Baseball has issued recommendations to all 30 Major League Clubs with respect to fan safety at games. Specifically, recommendations related to expanding the number of seats covered by protective netting and expanding the ways in which clubs warn fans about the dangers of sitting near the field.

The recommendations are as follows:

  • Teams will be encouraged to shield the seats between the near ends of both dugouts (i.e., the ends of the dugouts located closest to home plate) and within 70 feet of home plate with protective netting or other safety materials of their choice. The Commissioner’s Office has retained a consultant specializing in stadium architecture and protective netting to assist interested Clubs in implementing this recommendation.
  • Clubs are encouraged to continue to explore ways to educate their fans on safety issues beyond the mere

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Tim McClelland umps behind mound


When he threw pitches to Josh Hamilton in the first inning, Peralta heard the umpire calling them — from over his left shoulder.

In a throwback to Little League days, Tim McClelland did some plate umpiring from behind the mound Tuesday after another ump was injured in the Brewers’ 6-1 win over the Los Angeles Angels.


“When he called ‘ball’ behind me, I just looked behind me,” Peralta said.

In a game where Angels first baseman Albert Pujols played the field for the first time since offseason surgery on his right knee, the big slugger set off an unusual chain of events. With two outs in the top of the first, he was hit by a pitch from Peralta. The ball deflected and broke plate umpire Seth Buckminster’s left hand.

Buckminster left the game along with umpire Anthony Johnson, who changed into home-plate gear. After a few minutes, with McClelland and Jim Joyce More >


Major League Baseball using WBC to study replay


MLB using WBC to study replay


Several Major League Baseball officials will travel to World Baseball Classic games in Miami this month to explore potential options for an extensive expansion of instant replay.

Joe Torre, an MLB executive vice president, confirmed Tuesday that league officials plan to make the visits to WBC games and various spring training sites to examine camera angles and other factors that will help them develop a plan.

MLB has all but abandoned plans to limit reviews to only fair/foul and trap/catch calls. Those calls are part of baseball’s new collective bargaining agreement. Instead, as the Miami trip indicates, the sport is now considering scenarios for reviewing a much wider spectrum of calls, including calls at home plate and calls on the bases. MLB is still in the early stages of exploring which calls to review and the format under which to review them. And commissioner More >

cheap Beer

Indians slash concession prices to increase fans turnout


Indians slash concession prices to increase fans turnout



In their latest attempt to draw fans to the ballpark, the Indians are promoting reductions in concession prices: $4 beers, $3 hot dogs and $2 soda refills, according to CBS Sports. The team will also have 15 $1 hot dog nights throughout the season. Last season, beer was $5.50, and the average across MLB stadiums was $6.17.

The Indians were 24-53 during the second half of last season and have since made a number of moves to improve the team — they signed Nick Swisher, Mark Reynolds and Michael Bourn and traded for Trevor Bauer. So far so good: Opening day against the Blue Jays sold out in just six minutes.


Nothing beats cheap beer and dogs!

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